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Westworld Episode 8 Review: "Kiksuya" 1

Westworld Episode 8 Theories: “Kiksuya”

Westworld Episode 8 Theories: “Kiksuya” Episode 8 seemed pretty straightforward … until listener emails and voicemails arrived. We missed a lot, and “Westworld” fans were there to set the record straight. Let’s take a different look at “Kiksuya” and answer the most complicated questions, including: Is host consciousness the result...

Westworld Episode 8 Review: "Kiksuya" 3

Westworld Episode 8 Review: “Kiksuya”

Westworld Episode 8 Review: “Kiksuya” “Kiksuya” ranks among the easiest Westworld episodes to follow and the most emotionally powerful. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t without mysteries to unpack. How did Maeve communicate with Akecheta from across the park? What did she say? And what was the meaning when you...

Westworld Episode 8 Instant Take: "Kiksuya" 14

Westworld Episode 8 Instant Take: “Kiksuya”

Westworld Episode 8 Instant Take: “Kiksuya”  “Kiksuya” delighted “Westworld” fans who wanted the story a little slower, a little clearer, and with a little more heart. But it wasn’t without big revelations that tie to the greater story. In Season 2, Episode 8, we learn how the Maze keeps...