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Westworld Episode 9 Review “Vanishing Point” 3

Westworld Episode 9 Review: “Vanishing Point”

Westworld Episode 9 Review: “Vanishing Point” Rog and Big D climb the Mesa Bar diving board to jump into the deep end of the Penultimate Episode of Westworld Season 2. During the podcast, the boys unravel: Which time frames are featured in the episode Who is Subject 001 Is William...


Questions From Episode 9

Hey Guys, Love your show. A few questions about the latest episode of Westworld. 1. At William’s party, when he says to Ford ‘.. the deal – Delos stays out of your stories, you stay away from the valley ‘. Ford replies ‘YOU/Delos broke it’. So what did Delos do...


Teddy’s Death

Hi guys and gals. Hoping all is well. I’ve been wondering to myself why Teddy’s death just didn’t have the ‘wow’ factor it should’ve had for me. Even with Evan Rachel Wood’s performance, it was just kind of a ‘meh’ moment. I think I’ve figured it out. They never really...


Westworld, Free Will, And Determinism

Hi gentlemen and lady! I don’t have a mind-blowing theory to discuss with you today linking different plot points together, but I have been pondering various philosophical themes that I’ve noticed reoccurring throughout this season of Westworld that I hope you will enjoy reading. I’m going to be discussing abuse...


Ed Harris Deep Dive Telegraph

Dear Hosts, Just finished listening to the Vanishing Point deep dive while simultaneously re-watching the episode. A random curiosity regarding Ed Harris’s age lead me to his Wiki page. Turns out Mr Harris in 1981 played a character by the name of William (Billy) Davis in the film Knightriders (which...


Depth & Complexity Revealed In A Few Seconds Shot Of Five Books

Hey Guys, The depth of “Westworld” is shown in the about 20 seconds total[1] in which viewers see the books next to William’s bed: Melville’s Moby Dick, Hardy’s Jude the Obscure, Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five, and Stadter’s Plutarch’s Historical Methods and Plutarch and Rome. Melville, Hardy, Vonnegut, and Plutarch are deep...


Lord’s’ Of The Flies

Hi guys, Sending another quick thing I noticed that others likely did too, but at the beginning of the episode, as we see William as the Man in Black put the gun to his head, there is a loud buzz of flies, much as we have heard with Teddy. I...



Hey Guys, Didn’t we see teddy dead in the lake, how did he get there from killing himself? -Park Smith

Westworld Episode 9 Instant Take: “Vanishing Point" 2

Westworld Episode 9 Instant Take: “Vanishing Point”

Westworld Episode 9 Instant Take: “Vanishing Point”  The Penultimate episode of season two of Westworld focuses mainly on the troubled past of William (aka MiB) while explaining further details on Dr. Ford’s master plan. While Gene is on vacation in Chicago, Roger flies all the way to Florida in...