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True Detective Episode 6 Review: “Hunters in The Dark”

True Detective Episode 6 Review: “Hunters in The Dark” If you had a “True Detective” Season 3 theory, Episode 6 probably confirmed it. Is that the mark of a well-constructed show, or TV that’s just too predictable? The Shat Crew breaks down what we know for (almost) certain and what’s...


True Detective S3 Episode 6

Dear ShatonTV I don’t know the general feeling on this episode from the rest of the audience, but I sense it will be a mixed bag. Personally, I thought this was the worst episode yet, and I think this was a big step backwards after last week’s fantastic episode. This...


Roland’s Crush

Hey Guys, Just wanted to write in to say that homoerotic undertones surrounding Roland did not dissipate with this episode especially. If Roland had a crush on Hays, I wouldn’t blame him. Not at all Tazmin U


True Detective S3E6 Hunters in the Dark

Hey Guys, I enjoyed this episode, but feel it was mostly a buildup for end final two episodes. This season had been way better than season 2 for sure, but I’m worried it will end like like someone telling you about the great joke you must hear, and you have...


True Detective’s Tom and Harris are lovers

Hey Guys, I think the episode ending is a misleading. Harris James ain’t gonna attack Tom – because Tom came to warn Harris James of what Dan said about the Hoyt’s because Tom and Harris are lovers. -Al Chalant


The Amazing Scoot McNary

Morning, Shat hosts, I normally email the night of, but, alas, my three year old, Finn, is asthmatic and had a horrible asthma attack last night due to the temperature going from 70 degrees one day to 35 the next. Anyhow, he’s fine now. We’ve rested, and I wanted to...


True Detective Huge Rewatch Nugget

Dear Big D, Gene, and King Bee, First off, thank you for your phenomenal work. I stumbled across your podcast after searching “True Detective” in the iTunes Store. This season has been so good I just needed to be a part of some kind of conversation about it. I’m rewatching...


Pizzolatto’s True Detective Means “True Heroes”

Hey Guys, Enjoy your podcast , never before with a show … getting weekly conversations as my wife will not watch “missing children” shows. Nic the writer and director two notes from season 1 after show HBO commentary: 1. Nic Got defensive that his main characters : Hart and Cohle...


True Detective Season 2 Is Fantastic

Big D & Gene – I got hooked on “True Detective” five minutes in of season 1 and been a hardcore “TD” fan of the show. What attracts me to shows like “TD” is the higher quality of storytelling and not officially plot-driven. I would put “TD” on the level...