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Westworld Season 2 Preview 1

Westworld Season 2 Preview

Westworld Season 2 Preview  Westworld might have delivered its fair share of jaw-dropping twists, but landing a renewal from HBO back in November wasn’t one of the bigger surprises. The sci-fi western dystopia wowed viewers with its bleak yet beautiful storytelling ? and in terms of numbers, it was...


Do Ravens Work For the Night King?

Love the podcast, only just discovered it. Does ‘on the throne’ have the same meaning in the US? If not – well I get it. So onto my pet theory… Since when have Ravens had such perfect, reliable homing skills. Pigeons yes, but not Ravens. There must be a huge...


Jon Snow and Prostitutes

Hi guys, I just listened to the most recent pod and I’d like to add two points. 1) You talked about Jon not being bothered when he finds out Dany is his aunt. But I’m almost sure there was a scene in Season 1 where Jon says he won’t sleep...


The Hound, Arya and Fire

This theory may sound crazy, but here it goes. We now know the Hound sees visions in fire and I’m sure this isn’t a new “talent” for him. I believe that the Hound saw a vision of his brother being killed by a small girl, and probably shared this with...


Where Are Female Dragons?

Hey guys! I haven’t read the books, but there is one thing that is bothering me since season one, and it is related to Dany’s legacy. Where are female dragons? Let’s remember that Targaryens are “just regular humans” without dragons. What stresses me out isn’t just the possibility of Daenaery’s...


Does Qyburn Control the Mountain?

Hi, so i’m not a game of thrones geek but i do love it! i’ve never read the books etc. but after this season finished i was left feeling like i needed more! thankfully i found your podcast and have listened to all of the episodes you’ve released for season...


Recap All 67 Episodes of Game of Thrones

So there are 67 epidoes of Game of Thrones to date (if my math is correct). What if you did a recap of each episode from the very start (one a week, giving yourself a break now and then) to lead up to the last season? I’d love to hear...


Does Tyrion Know Daenerys Is Jon’s Aunt?

Hi Great podcast. Just cannot believe that nobody has suggested that Tyrion’s concern when John and Danny are making love, may be because he knows that are related. Information is out there in Westeros, so why not. Remember, he drinks and he knows things Dudley.


A Better Method For Killing Littlefinger

Long time listener, first time writer, avid GoT watcher but never read…here’s my prediction for the ending and better method for taking out Littlefinger. I do respect the method Sansa took to call out Lord Balesh infront of the Knights of the Vale; however, what if: We see Arya confront...