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In Defense of Dany

Hello friends, Call me crazy but I love Dany’s character. She is the most human of all the characters on this show. Her reactions to pain, treason, and loneliness are all natural. She just happens to now have a fully developed dragon and two extraordinary armies at her back. Gene,...


The GOT Gut Punch

Hey Guys, The last Episode was an emotional gut punch. The moment Daenerys decides that the Bells are not enough of a surrender, that she is going to govern through fear, all is lost. For a moment, I actually thought she was going straight to the Red Keep, but as...


Another Bad Episode For Female Kind?

Hey Guys, Jorah death, she handles it, dragon death, not good, but she takes it, Missi head lopped off, not good, but she’s had worse days. Jon refusing to sleep with her is the straw that breaks the camels back enough to kill 1000’s of innocents!!! Another bad episode for...


Daenerys Is Not Evil

Hi guys! I love your podcast so much. It makes viewing shows like GOT and Westworld so much more enjoyable. I’ve never written in before, but just had to after seeing all the hate for this episode and for Daenerys in particular. I think her story is tragic and my...


Not Characters Arcs, Continuity

Hello, Fellow USMNT fans and Lords of Shat Kingdom, First and foremost as much as I banter with you guys on Twitter I need to say that I appreciate all the hours and efforts both of you make in your Podcasts. It takes time, money and dedication for what you...


GOT Question- Dothraki

Hello! The pod is great and I enjoy listening to keep my week filled with GOT while I wait for the next (last! ahh!) episode. I laugh when people say you guys are too soft but then you also get comments about being too hard on the show. People! Sheeeesh!...


G.O.T. Small Council + Thanks

Hi guys, I so appreciate your Instacast/Deep Dive reactions to the last episode! After the episode ended, I told my boyfriend, “I’m not sure how to feel…” and in some ways, I’m still there. Mixed emotions. After sitting with my emotions for a few days, I think this is how...


GOT Idea

Hey Guys, What if the final episode consists of it rewinding to Jon telling Sansa and Arya about his Targaryen heritage in episode 4 where bran says it’s your choice and Bran says not to tell them after seeing this future and that’s how it ends. Open. Kyle McGrath