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The Watch S8 E1

Hello Shat Team, I’m thrilled to have you all back three times a week! You’ve been doing great work on the other Shat programs as always, but GOT remains my favorite show. Now, on to the new season! I agree with you all that this was a very handily crafted,...


Ned Umber Vs. Smalljon Umber

Hey Guys, love the podcast; just one small correction. You guys keep referring to Smalljon Umber. The boy who was killed at The Last Hearth by the White Walkers in the most recent episode is named Ned Umber. He became the Lord by decree of Jon Snow (at that time,...


Game of Thrones the Small Council

Hey Guys, The Lone Wolf Dies But The Pack Survives. The words of Ned Stark ring so true for this entire episode and I believe that it is the point that every scene was making. If you think about the different groups and individuals, how do they actually all fit...


Um Actually

Hey Guys, 1. Um actually- I think the little boy in the beginning was a direct call back to Bran, not Arya. You see the boy climb into the tree to get a better look of the host entering Winterfell. Bran is very well known to have been a climber,...


GOT 801 Winterfell

Hey Guys, So glad I fell upon your podcast just in time for this exciting first season. What you guys are doing is awesome and greatly appreciated. So here’s my take on the Cersei/Jamie/Euron pregnancy plot. If you listen to the Dave and Dan’s commentary on 707 they really seem...


GOT Question

Hey Guys, Why did Sansa send that Umber boy to the Last Hearth knowing that the army just broke through the wall and would be around that area? Sandi Lightfoot


Got Season 8 Opener Review

Hey, guys! Long time, first time. I first came across the Shat crew with the Westworld pod back in 2016 and, so, I just wanted to first extend my deep thanks for the hours of entertainment you have provided. So thanks! You guys are deeply appreciated. Regarding your thoughts about...