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Westworld Episode 2 Theories Reunion 2

Westworld Episode 2 Theories: “Reunion”

Westworld Episode 2 Theories: “Reunion” Poring over your Telegraphs. Pouring drinks. Poor us. Buckle up for a boozy ride as a tipsy Roger guides Gene, Dick, AND Kerri through this week’s listener mail. Topics include: Is the Man in Black terminally ill? Is Peter Abernathy a vehicle for Jim Delos?...


Westworld Episode 2 Review: “Reunion”

Westworld Episode 2 Review: “Reunion” Don’t have time for the Westworld Deep Dive this week? Fast forward start to 55:25 for our most ambitious explanation of how Westworld came to be. Big D won’t call it a theory. It’s at least a hypothesis. Also on this supersized Deep Dive, we’ll...


Westworld Episode 2 Instacast: “Reunion”

Westworld Episode 2 Instacast: “Reunion” Could Westworld Season 2 Episode 2 “Reunion” be the Rosetta Stone for the rest of the series? Catch our immediate reaction to this scope-expanding bundle of revelations. We’ll discuss Delos’ true mission, identify the “weapon” Dolores is seeking, outline the new rules of Westworld, and...