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Lovecraft Country Ep.1

Hey crew, So nice to have you all back! I can’t believe I would be in this position, but I agree with King Bee after the InstaCast. I want this show to be phenomenal, but I don’t know if it’s going to satisfy that desire. I absolutely loved the Watchmen...


Lovecraft Country Episode 1

Hello Ashley, Gene, and King Bee, I really enjoyed the first episode. The opening dream sequence confused me for a moment because it looked like WW I trench warfare and I thought Atticus would have been in WW II according to the set up. Then the aliens attacked and I...



Folks – just a little background on the Chicago neighborhood in tonight Lovecraft Country……thought it maybe of interest. Just a cut and paste from the inter web!!! Best Tom from Chicago Bronzeville, also known as the “Black Metropolis” and the “Black Belt,” is the center of African-American history on Chicago’s...