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Westworld Episode 8 Review: "Kiksuya" 1

Westworld Episode 8 Theories: “Kiksuya”

Westworld Episode 8 Theories: “Kiksuya” Episode 8 seemed pretty straightforward … until listener emails and voicemails arrived. We missed a lot, and “Westworld” fans were there to set the record straight. Let’s take a different look at “Kiksuya” and answer...


Season 2 Episode 8

Hey Guys, Again, I can’t thank you all enough for the work you do keeping us up to date on all the theories and plot of Westworld! I thought I would get a bit meta. I think Akecheta might have...


Westworld – Telegraph

Hi team Your discussion during the deep-dive about Logan’s horse that had seemingly “died” in the desert got me thinking about two points: If the hosts have a mortality measure/setting, which gives the park a sense of realism, what I...


Great Article and Thank You!

Hey Guys, I watched the first season of Westworld the week between episodes 1 and 2 of Season 2 so granted…I am a novice but LOVING this show. I appreciate your podcast as it has really helped me stay oriented...


Take My Heart

Hey Guys, Just throwin’ it out there… To complete the connection between Mauve, Ghost Nation and Shogun World, we watch Akane literally take Sakura’s heart with her. “Take my heart when you go.“ Cheers!


The Valley Beyond

Hello, Here’s something that occurred to me. The one third of the hosts that were found with blank control units may be referencing the one third of angels that were said to be cast out of heaven along with Lucifer....