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WW-S2E07 “Les Écorchés” Strand, Charlotte and Stubbs discover Bernard is a host and interrogate him about Dolores’ attack on the Mesa. In flashback, Bernard finds Ford’s persona among the other hosts’ backup memories in the Cradle. Ford reveals that Westworld was an attempt to digitise consciousness and grant immortality. Ford imprints himself on Bernard’s control unit and exits the simulation where he has Bernard aid in Dolores’ takeover of the Mesa. Angela kills herself to destroy the Cradle while Dolores finds Peter and extracts his control unit. In the park, Maeve hides with her daughter from Akecheta but is found by William, who thinks she is another test sent by Ford. She turns his men against him until Delos forces alerted by Lee arrive and incapacitate her. The Ghost Nation ride off with her daughter. Lee has Maeve returned to the Mesa, where Dolores warns her that her memories of her daughter are a means of controlling her. In the present, Bernard reveals Peter’s control unit is in the Valley Beyond.


Quick Thought

Hey guys, Great podcast, I’m really enjoying it. So this is probably a little unconventional, I’m just finished episode 5 and listened to the pod cast episodes about that. I...


Time Passes in Different Realities

Hey Guys, So, the Nolan’s wrote Inception. They are intimately aware of how time passes in different “realities”. In one case dreams, but in another, simulations. As we know, AI...


Westworld Theories

Hi R-G-BD, I have a theory about The Valley Beyond. Someone mentioned that the Valley is where the Sea is that separates Westworld from Rajworld Here is my theory…and what...


No Coincidence

Hey guys, I have a theory that was kinda popular last season but hasnt really been mentioned this season. I believe Bernard/Arnold’s child “Charlie” is actually Charlotte Hale. Perhaps Bernard’s...


Get Your Tinfoil Out

Hope I’m doing this in time! Hello from The Hague, and thank you, guys! I enjoy listening to all three WW episodes each week 🙂 OK. Here is a potentially...


Mib Spark

Hey Guys, When Lawrence shoots the man in black, there’s a spark. As if the bullet hit something metal. Steven Milazzo