Taboo FX Episode 7 Theories

Taboo FX Episode 7 Theories

Taboo FX Episode 7 Theories

Will James Keziah Delaney die in the “Taboo” season finale? Will the League of The Damned escape to America? Is Sir Stuart Strange secretly an ally?
With “Taboo” Season One’s final episode just days away, viewers write in with their final theories, reflections and hopes. We also get a Southern woman’s view of James’ sex appeal, Gene’s view of Taboo’s shortcomings and Roger’s triumphant return to the podcast.

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  1. Hawk says:

    Just read that there are 2 more series planned and after just watching episode 8 I can see where it might be going.

    I’ve really enjoyed your podcasts and hope you all continue on to series 2 and beyond.

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