Taboo FX Episode 5 Theories

Taboo FX Episode 5 Theories

Taboo FX Episode 5 Theories

The only way our Taboo listener mail would be better is if Coop delivered them to our doorstep, himself!

In this week’s edition of ‘River Rants’ the fans look back on Episode 5 and ask such questions as:

  • Who was that long haired individual outside Delaneys window?
  • Is Sir Stuart Strange a serial pederast?
  • Will Thorne turn out to be an ally of James?
  • What would a montage of Tom Hardy grunting look like?

Big D & Rog also tackle topics like Chekov’s Gunpowder, story similarities to Flashman, and how far up the incest hierarchy you can go before it gets too weird. So climb aboard, sit down, and hold on tight as we “head on down the river”.

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