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Hey Guys,

I would like to comment on STUBBS. I think we are missing the point on STUBBS. I think he was another show of FORD’s brilliance. We think of FORD as the ultimate puppet master, but it was AKechetha who spread the symbol to awaken the hosts.

FORD used Akechetha’s awakening to complete his understanding of AI consciousness. STUBBS acted as a check on FORDS power, so he would be forced to paint with certain rules in mind, like creating AI consciousness without killing all the guests in the park.

It’s brilliant that to have the ultimate GOD power, but at the same time placing checks and balances on yourself. The FORD bread crumbs are everywhere.

Mr Gabriel

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2 Responses

  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Do you suppose that’s where Dolores got her concept of adversarial balance? Is that why she brings Bernard back on the mainland?

    • Steve M says:

      Ultimately, both Delores and Bernard want hosts to survive and grow. Delores has shown great resolve in her quest, brutally at times; but she has a fair dose wisdom and realpolitik, as well. She recognizes the need for survival involves personality qualities she does not possess, a worldview different from hers that she understands she needs to tolerate. I found that her “sense of adversial balance” made for a really engaging scene…and a nicely turned phrase on your part!

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