Spotted a Story Mistake in Kiksuya

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Hey Guys,

So there is this picture going around on reddit where Maeve is being followed by what looks like a camera crew. The time on the episode is 33:41.

The link is here:×576.png That might be a production issue or an intentional Easter egg but I think there is a story mistake here as well!

What the hell is Maeve doing over there? This is the memory of Ake. And in this memory, he is talking about something which happened before he met Maeve’s daughter. At that time, wasn’t she still in her previous role with her daughter? She was sent to the Mariposa only recently, after her whole incident with the MiB killing her daughter, that is, when we see the big maze. Clementine was the previous madam.

I think this is an actual conceptual mistake on the show.

Thank you,
Jesse Jordan

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