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Hey guys and gal,

I wrote this list of thoughts while listening to a different Westworld podcast, but thought I’d share in case it hits any points you might find with exploring… An addition to this in reference to your must recent podcast is this: do you remember the construction Ford was doing in season 1? After the second season finale I originally thought it was him adding the flood protocol, and still do, but he could also have been adding the host access… This addresses a few points in my message to the other podcast, but anyway, here is the list… Enjoy and keep up the good work. Looking forward to getting back to Shat the Movies. 🙂

LogAIn says that Bernard created the forge and the sublime and gave Dolores the choice of how to act… Doesn’t that mean that Bernard had to have gone into the forge once or twice? Doesn’t that mean he should know he’s a host? Unless those halos work on humans, too… And if they do, why couldn’t they transfer human consciousness outright? If the forge is for the humans, why are there even host only interactive stations?

Also, the “memories” of Logan and daddy Delos’ last interaction most likely can’t be real… The fidelity test is done to determine the decision making process and isn’t about memories… In fact, it’s the opposite. To function the same in a situation WITHOUT the memories of that given situation. So if we can’t transfer memories and Logan hasn’t been ripped to the forges hard-drive to interact accurately in response to daddy Delos then he couldn’t have made the decisions that lead to that moment unless it was programmed in… if it was programmed in, then it couldn’t have been part of every test loop…

It makes sense if the event was described by daddy Delos to the programmers and then they added it into the test cycle, but then it still couldn’t be the corner stone, only the test… “Getting to” that point means it can’t be the corner stone.

As for the door, assuming it’s a transceiver, it should be some sort of parabola, fading at the edges as the signal gets weaker… If they used a confined antenna it could have been thinner, like it was shown with harder edges, but it wouldn’t have been jagged like it was… I do like the idea that they shouldn’t have shown the audience anything until the very end… Just this tragic scene of manic hosts running of a ledge to their apparent deaths and only in the end the camera could face those jumping off the edge only to pan around, showing out from the hosts perspective, running out onto the plain.

In regards to why the host file size was bigger than 4million humans: Also, also, the reason the size of the file was bigger was because humans were only 10k lines of code while hosts have to have those 10k lines for behavior, but also they have their fake memories (programmed back stories), their real memories (decades of repetitive deaths and lives), and the sublime itself.

In regards to viewers disliking Tessa as Hale:
Also x3, casting Tessa as Hale, to me, was about picking someone who could draw the ire of everyone that works in the park. There are people at her station, at her age right now… Older people without a decent perspective might look down on them for being young (which they did in season 1), young people might look down on her for having a better station while being their contemporary, their superiors might look down on them as a back stabbing ladder climber… No one is supposed to like her. She’s supposed to be a ball breaking badass… Which is why her vulnerabilities are more interesting and better acted in contrast… If you didn’t like her then she did her job… Not liking her in Thor is a mystery (acting?, direction? Script?), but I understand.

Also x4… My tinfoil hat theory is the far future scene could be the hosts in the sublime teaching back to their creators to see how their doing, find the world destroyed, start researching why it ended, track it back to the hosts uprising, track the host uprising to William, resurrect him and start running him through fidelity tests to start reconstructing what happened…

Also x5… Isn’t putting Teddy into the sublime without fixing his settings kinda cruel?

Sublime concierge: “hey, welcome to heaven.”

Teddy: “great, can we fix my code so I’m not an a-hole anymore?”

SC: “nope. You’re here with the code you came in with.”

Teddy: “Damn… OK, but the love of my life, Dolores, will help me through it… Where is she? If there’s no more fighting to be done then at least we can finally be together and happy.”

SC: “Awesome. Love is the true adventure. Did she come with you to the valley beyond?”

Teddy: “…”

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