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Hey guys,

I’ve been a big fan of the pod for quite some time now, but have never written in. Now it seems like a good time.

Honestly, there was enough pure badassery in Episode 5 for me to ignore some of the smaller things people are complaining about. I definitely didn’t expect an all-out rout from team Danny, but I thought they did a good enough job making the outcome believable. Overall I personally found episode 5 very entertaining. However… I feel like the show is setting up something that I do have major problems with…

Basically, it looks to me like Daenerys is being turned into this “Mad Queen” character, and I don’t think it’s justified.

Tyrion has been so worried about saving innocent lives, and ok that’s probably a good idea if possible. But I don’t think it was. Could she have pumped the brakes on the dragon fire a bit? Sure. But let’s face it… Conquering cities is often a bloody business, and when you’re attempting to overthrow someone as cunning and ruthless as Cersei Lannister, negotiations aren’t going to cut it. They tried. Twice. The second time they tried to resolve things peacefully Cersei executed Danny’s best friend. She’s justifiably angry, but I don’t think she’s crazy.

Unfortunately, I think this is where the show is headed with the final episode. Although I’m not sure how, or by whom exactly, I believe Danny will be determined unstable/insane and be removed from office/assassinated. I see the show ending with no one having actually won the iron throne, and instead of a ruling council of some type being established. What are your thoughts on this possibility guys? Personally, I’m going to have to see much more before I’m convinced Danny is actually nuts, and not just fed up with the Lannisters and their Bullshit.

If I was a Stark I’d be on board with just about whatever it took in order to kill Cersei after all the horrible shit she was responsible for.

Anyway, one last thing… Did you guys notice the little whisper Danny had with Jorah’s body during the beginning of episode 4? I feel like whatever she said to him may be significant, and might be revealed in the last episode.

Ah well shit, hopefully, it ends well. We’ll see soon enough. Tell Big D I said hi… Love that dude. Very cool guy.


Joe Leo.

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