Small Council the Iron Throne

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Hi guys,

thanks for your last episode of the GoT pod, it felt good to hear you soldier on in the same fashion as always. I’ve been through all stages of grief, and a day after the finale it was full blown depression. It surprised me that a show could make me feel this way, like being at the end of a decade long relationship with nothing to move forward to. Just empty black anxiety and no idea what to do with yourself. About the end I just have to quote Dany;
“I wish you’d never told me.
If I didn’t know I’d be happy right now.”
And it’s not because I think it was bad, I really couldn’t care less about who end up on the throne, its about loosing this journey to get there. Because sometimes the road to the goal is the goal itself, and with GoT the road was absolute everything. The rumors, the theories, the endless possibilities, the history, the incredible characters. this kept us occupied for years and suddenly it just stopped. Where to go from here? I’ve started to read the books now which was refreshing, it was also fun to listen to you guys refusing to stop theorizing. To write our own ending is a brilliant idea, I will absolute participate in that. But I think you’ll need more than just one extra episode, I doubt hardcore fans of GoT will stop after 500 letters.

Thanks again


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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    You’re right on the money, Johnny. The books are everything right now. That old, familiar pacing. The rich development of plot and characters. The utter unfairness of it all. Delicious.

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