Small Council – Jon Snow”s Fate

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Hi Guys,

I understand that this season was not what a lot of people wanted it to be, but I want us to all just take a moment and realize something together. The show runners have been building to this moment since they killed and brought Jon back to life. We may not like how they got to this ending, but you can’t say that they didn’t put very specific thought into how it was orchestrated. Case and point -There is a line earlier in the show where Jon says “I did what I thought was right and I got murdered for it. And now I’m back? Why?” we now know the answer is so he could do the exact same thing to Dany.

The truly brilliant thing about Jon”s journey as a character is that he never got his black and white, right and wrong, moral ending that we all expected for him as the heir apparent to Ned Stark”s values. Even though he was not Ned Stark’s son by blood, throughout the show it was proven that he was the most like him and that he was bound by honor, duty, and doing what he thought was right. I personally expected Jon to end up dying by the end of the series because he did something noble, but now that I”ve seen what D&D had in store for him, I think it is poetic that unlike Ned Stark, Jon didn’t get to have an ending where he did what he clearly thought was right. In performing his last major action in the show, stabbing Dany in the heart for doing what she thought was right (as happened to him) he was caught in between right and wrong, black and white.

[And for anyone saying “yes of course it was the right thing!” I turn to Big D”s point that we will never know if Dany would have been a benevolent ruler because we didn’t get to see her rule – Jon had to make the toughest call of the entire show, and I have no doubt that he will spend the rest of his days wondering if he did the right thing]

Thanks for all that you guys do, it”s been a pleasure having you around to dissect the show every week, and I’m going to miss getting to hear Big D bitch about (now King) Bran, as well as finding out what made Gene cry.


Kim K

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