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First, I will get the thanking out of the way for your efforts and intelligent discussions three times a week. I look forward to each podcast and I find it a great tool to use as reference as I go back and rewatch episodes, so keep up the excellent work.

Now for my question…

At any point in the show, has it been referenced of any other narrative writer than Sizemore, primarily anyone BEFORE Sizemore? Additionally, has his age ever been referenced? Looking at him, I’d put him in his late thirties to early forties. Now, if very little changes have been made to all of the hosts’ narratives so as to act as a constant for the variables that are the guests, then how could Sizemore be the sole character and content creator for the past 30 years of the parks operation? This would that to mean:

a) There was someone or someone(s) writing the narratives pre-Sizemore and that he was brought in later for newer stories and characters.

b) Sizemore was a literary prodigy and was hired by Delos to write the narratives as a child.

c) (and I hate to play this card) Sizemore is a host

I surely hope that C. is not the correct answer and that I have missed some detail in the world-building in the show. Still, unless Simon Quarterman is playing much older than his current age of 40, something is not adding up if he is to be the sole writer of the parks’ narratives and loops.

Thank you for your time.

Jonathan Baer

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  1. Patch says:

    Cheers… Just wondering if anyone noticed that Teddy and Delores, when they saw the town of Sweetwater in flashbacks, saw people dead they both saw a wolf running around but Akecheta saw a white horse when he found Arnold dead? Just wondering about that… too much? Lol


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