My Sister Rode a Bunch of Cowboys

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Yours was the second podcast I’d listened to and everybody was all “What’s the relationship between these guys!?!?” I was practically yelling into my headphones at my desk. You guys did catch a lot of stuff I didn’t though!

I’m gonna have to watch again to confirm to get the actual dialogue, but I’m certain Logan said something like “you know my sister rode a bunch of cowboys”. I just think that’s a total giveaway… why else would a guy bring up his own sister’s promiscuity? And William says he has “someone real who (he) lives at home” to the robot hooker.
I agree that William doesn’t want to be there with Logan. Maybe the bride insisted that her brother (Logan) be the best man? I could see a groom getting kinda handcuffed into this by his bride’s brother… “Hey, here’s a $120,000 gift!” Are you really gonna turn that down? I could even see the sister being all “Oh, you two are gonna be such great friends!”
I also get the impression that Logan (and I guess his sister) are wealthy (maybe own the company William and Logan work for), while William comes from humbler origins. Maybe there is some kind of power play in that, is Logan William’s boss? Or a peer?
I loved the theory you guys shared of William being a young Man in Black. That seems distinctly possible. Especially with his interaction with Delores, and the Man in Black clearly remembering Delores from previous visits. – Brad

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