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Hey guys and gal,

Just hopped off the happy hour with you guys (unfortunately not drinking yet) and wanted to send an email while it’s fresh in my mind. I’m sure you’ve been getting it a lot lately but man how lucky are we the listeners to have you guys and some semblance of normalcy right now. I’ve been with you guys for about four years I think (Westworld, GOT, True Detective, Watchmen) and don’t know why but I am just starting Shat the Movies so I feel sort of lucky that I have a ton of material to hold me over during lockdown. I’ve also got two sisters in law, one wife, and a cousin hooked on you guys so I’m trying to keep spreading the gospel of Shat. (trademark)

We’re all in SF and super fucking weird like a lot of places but being able to at least have a routine and now able to interact on Twitch is a HUGE distraction. I thought maybe I would be a bit old (40) for using Twitch and didn’t wanna seem too fan boy ish but it’s been really fun and a nice addition to your brand I think and nice to add some context to you guys. Also wanted to shout out that you guys kept referencing The End of the World Pod this season which made me super happy as I have been a Stuff You Should Know (Josh Clark is also a host) listener for almost 10 years so now my two favorite pods are crossing paths hopefully not in a weird Ghostbusters way. I am slowly working up the courage to actually contribute to the pod via email of voicemail but not there yet. I’m still a little intimidated cuz the ones you guys read are legit.

Anyway thanks again for the work you guys do and I will try to keep contributing the boosts on Twitch as long as our restaurant doesn’t go to shit and I go broke out on the street (just kidding, sort of). Have a great weekend, can’t wait for the Westies.


Nick Cobarruvias aka Nick Cobs

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