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hehe Shat on tv. My old Starcraft/Counterstrike nickname was
PublicToilet for a lot of years.


A lot of people wonder how Emily/Grace found William in the park. Well she had his profilecard where you could see? everything that he has been doing in the park?
Would be strange if the profilecard also didnt show the position in the park as well.
Lets say the card is still updating, would be pretty easy to find him.

It really bugs me that he shot his real daughter. I think it is horrible, but it also doesnt add up.
What is he trying to accomplish? I still dont buy any of the explanations.

If he wanted to destroy it, there must have been a lot of easier ways for a man with his privileges to do it?

The maze was a map to the valley beyond? or was the maze a way to conciousness?
Why did the way to conciousness lead to digital heaven for the hosts???

Was the only difference for Dolores that young william showed it to her? so she knew that it was not “digital heaven”?

In the end of season 2 bernard see something when he opens the door. He looks surprised but happy.
Ford? His Son? Arnold? His Wife?

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