Why Did Shadow Moon Choose Laura?

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This take off on the Laura Moon story was revealing, but I agree with the hosts in that it did not really advance the story for me. Zombie visitations bring nothing good basically.

My takeaway is “you gotta serve somebody” to quote the great Bob Dylan song. Laura expected to rot. So why did she hope for “peace”? That was not even her lifestyle. If she wanted to obtain peace, she should have sought it when she was alive. If religion was not an option, she at least had the love of a good man. Obviously, that too was not enough.

So it had to be a divine set-up in my opinion- a long range Mr. Wednesday plan. Laura is so basic and miserable. Shadow staying in a relationship with her doesn’t seem plausible. What’s the attraction besides sex and Laura’s not even into that in a way a hot blooded female like myself would be. Who, I say who would check out during sex with a stud like Shadow?! Disgusting. I feel Neil Gaiman who is a Scorpio like myself was making a statement in writing in that character trait in Laura. It’s a cardinal sin to have unimpassioned sex. And though people have emotionally remote sex all the time, it’s telling that Laura had it first time they had sex. No new sex excitement…pitiful.

So why did Shadow chose Laura when she obviously didn’t choose him (Laura sure looked sad and detached on her wedding day)? Apparently Shadow had the ability to advance himself by reading up on tax preparation and giving up on crime. What was he thinking by just going for her criminal plans….so as not to lose her? I’m bringing more questions than opinions, so I’d better stop here.
I read the book, listened to the audiobook before the show and I’m enjoying the show.

I also enjoy the Shat on TV podcasts following your reviews and amazing commentary through “Westworld” and “Taboo”.

Keep up the great work!
xoxo ~kissLena

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