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Hey Guys,

I’m bored at shit at work. No one buying cars this evening. After responding to your queries, I replayed that last scene of Season 2 Episode, in my head. If all my reasoning is correct and we know Dolores is “supposed to be the cheery, welcome wagon,” maybe in this last scene, William is preparing Dolores to be the welcome wagon, that shows humans to place where they will become immortal. “Have you ever seen anything, so full of splendor?” (than where you will become immortal)

-Wes D
Richmond, VA

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4 Responses

  1. pongplpf says:


  2. pongplpf says:

    Which is why I feel he will eventually complete his arch and redeem himself.

  3. Gene Lyons says:

    Man, you have a really rosy view of William.

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