Season 8 Epi 5

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Hey guys,

Thank you for many years of enjoyment through your podcast. I will miss this podcast a ton. I guess I have to start watching Westworld. Sigh.

This episode was a rollercoaster, so I’ll just go with a couple of things that struck me.

Arya’s white horse (has to be a reference to the four horsemen, right? Death rode a pale horse) at the end of the episode was most certainly Harry Strickland’s horse. If you recall, when Drogon first decimates the Golden Company, Harry’s horse takes some fire and is shown on its side. The camera lingers on it for a beat or two too long. When we see it later, it’s amid ash and chaos. It’s lost its saddle and is covered in blood, but it’s definitely that horse- same mane, same markings. I believe this is Bran warging in to try and help her get out of there. I know the warging thing is overplayed in theories, but this time it actually seems to make some sense. I dunno.

I’ve seen/heard a lot of people who are upset at Dany’s break. How it’s out of character, killing all those innocents. It’s just not. It’s been an underlying trait that has followed her throughout the entire story. She surrounded herself with people who kept her in check. Those people are all gone or have recently betrayed her and she has no one to hold her together. There’s almost no way she didn’t go this direction. I thought it was awesome. Just like Olenna told her, she’s a dragon.

As it turns out, two characters in the show were right: Varys and Robert Baratheon. Those guys knew what was up. C’est la vie.

Thanks again for the show. You guys are awesome.

Joe from Asheville.

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