Season 8 alternate ending script

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My name is Arijit. I’m Indian, but live in Stockholm. Long time listener, started with Westworld Season 1, and have listened to all the GoT podcasts. Great work!

Here is my alternate script of season 8. I apologize, I’ve not been able to maintain the 500 words limit. I don’t care if you’re unable to read it out during you show because of it. But please do read it yourselves, and let me know if you like it.

I’ve not repeated the things from season 8 which are common to my version, I’ve just referred to them as such. Anything that I haven’t mentioned specifically as changes, is safe to assume as similar to what happens on the show.

Ideally it should be spread out over 15-20 episodes. But I’ve not categorized it episode wise.


Things start off the same way as episode one does. From the second episode, Arya and Gendry don’t sleep together, but Brienne and Jamie do (after the knighting ceremony). Jon tells Dany his secret, and the scene where begs him not to tell anyone happens immediately after.

More time is spent showing the battle strategies to fight the night king.

Battle of Winterfell. Following differences. Only half the Dothraki go off into the darkness. Other half stays behind and fights with the others. Ghost doesn’t run off but stays and fights with the others. Ghost dies protecting Sam and Edd. Edd dies soon after.

Epic battle with the three dragons. Rhaegal does a lot of damage to Viserion, but falls to the ground. As Jon rolls off him, wights overpower him. Viserion cannot breathe fire close to Jon in fear of burning him, so he lights up nearby wights, but uses his tail and mouth to get wights off Jon. While doing this, hundreds of wights overpower him. He barely shrugs them off, and flies away, but barely flies a few hundred meters and collapses to the ground. (off camera – He’s not dead, but barely alive)

Night King makes his way to Bran, Jon goes after him. Epic sword battle between him and the Night King, but Jon is certain to lose. Dany appears on Drogon, seeing this, Jon jumps out of the way, as she rains fire on the Night King. Does no damage, but Night King doesn’t smile back. Throws his ice spear, to throw Drogon off balance. He barely manages to land safely so as to not hurt Dany. Rest of Dany/Drogon same as what happens on show.

Before Jon can reach the Night King again, he raises his arms (same as the show).

Now this part is a change of concept. When you kill a wight with dragonglass, Valyrian steel, or dragon fire, Night King (or any white walker) cannot raise them again. They are dead for good. So, when Night King raises his arms again, only the living army who died that night, plus the bodies in the crypts, are woken again, not he wights which were destroyed.

Anyway, there are only a few new wights between Jon and the night king, he manages to kill them off, and run towards the night king again. But then Ghost (with blue eyes) comes before him. Jon is numb with shock and sadness. Ghost attacks him, Jon has tears in his eyes as he plunges his sword in his wolf’s chest.

Throughout the episode, the other white walkers don’t just walk around with the Night king. Around 4-5 do stay with him, but the rest (6-8) are fighting against the living. Jorah, Jon (after killing ghost), Brienne, Tormund, Arya, all kill a white walker at some point during their fights. This is actually how some characters like Jamie and Sam get saved. For example, when 6-8 wights have Sam surrounded, Jorah kills a white walker, and 90% of the wights around Sam fall dead, allowing him to kill the remaining ones and survive. 50-60 wights collapsing is shown every time someone kills a white walker.

Down in the crypts, all hell is breaking loose. Few of the women escape and run outside, where Brienne and Jamie are fighting. They barely manage to shout that there are wights in the crypts, before they are killed. Hearing this, Brienne and Jamie run to the crypts. They help fight off the wights, Brienne protecting Sansa, and Jamie protecting Tyrion. Brienne is fatally injured towards the end.

Sometime during the fight, Ser Davos notices from the walls that only about 2/3rd of the wights are attacking Winterfell. Far off in the distance, he sees about a third of the wights, along with 4-5 white walkers on undead horses, are marching south past Winterfell.

Back to the battle, Jon is blocked by Viserion, and Arya gets Melisandre pep talk, as shown on the show. Same for Theon as well. He is killed by Night King, who then approaches Bran. Arya appears from the back and is stopped by the other white walkers. She kills two of them. Night King summons Viserion. He picks Bran up, gets on Viserion, and they fly away. Jon runs in and kills the other white walkers. This reduces the number of wights significantly, and the battle ends when the remaining wights (those newly raised by the night king a while back) are also killed off. But Bran is gone. Jorah dies as well.

Next day, Dany and Jon find Rhaegal, who is very badly injured. He dies in their arms.

They burn the dead and plan their strategies. Based on what Ser Davos saw, they send ravens and riders (who ride around the wights path like Edd, Tormund etc. had done on their way from the Last Hearth) to wan all southern kingdoms that the dead are approaching. They know that those armies are no match for the dead, especially with night king and Viserion also around. So, Dany and Jon don’t want them to fight, lose, and just add to the dead army. They inform the lords to either get everyone further south, or circumvent the undead army path and come up north. This is just to buy them time before they attack the dead army again.

Dany wants to attack now. Sansa wants their army to recover. Jon is fearful of what happened to Bran. Arya and Sansa confront Jon, and Jon tells them his secret. Sansa tells Tyrion.

They decide it’s best to attack the dead army from behind asap. It’s only a smallish undead army, with very few white walkers. Drogon cannot just go alone, since he’s the last dragon alive, and Dany doesn’t want to risk losing all the dragons before the fight with Cersei. So, they all must go with their full strength.

It’s winter no matter how south they go. They see the undead army somewhere before the trident. They don’t seem to have added much in numbers. They attack during the day from behind. Drogon lights them up. Night King and Viserion don’t seem to be around initially. A lone rider notices the fighting from a distance and run towards it.

Arya and the Hound are almost overpowered by a large number of wights. Suddenly a large wolfpack appears and saves them. Nymeria is leading them. They manage to beat off a large number of wights, but most either die, of run off into the woods with injuries. Nymeria dies in Arya’s arms.

As the white walkers and wights are almost defeated, Night King flies in on Visereon. Epic Dragon battle between Drogon and Viserion.

Jamie is up against a white walker and about to get killed. His sword is thrown off. White walker is about to kill him, when a rider (who noticed the fighting from a distance) picks up Jamie’s sword and plunges it into the white walker and destroys him. It’s Bronn. He says the same thing as he said in the loot train battle. Only he gets to kill Jamie.

Night King jumps off Viserion the fight Jon, as Viserion keeps Drogon and Dany engaged. Jon and Arya are fighting the Night King together. Now it’s a much more even fight. Finally, they outnumber him, and Jon / Arya kill the Night king together. Viserion falls, many wights fall (but not all).

Another change of common concept. You see, when a white walker who created certain wights is killed, all those wights get destroyed, we know that. However, the white walkers created by the night king are immune to this. They don’t die when the night king is killed. The magic which creates a white walker is stronger.

Anyway, couple of white walkers and a few wights still remain, but are soon killed by the others. Tormund dies in this battle. They assume Bran is dead. Almost all the Dothraki are killed. Only about 10-15 remain. They ask Dany for permission to go back to their land. Dany reluctantly agrees. No more Dothraki.

Next part of the story is quite same as what happens in 2nd half of episode 4 and most of episode 5. With the following changes.

  • Rhaegal is dead already. So Euron fires at Drogon and misses, and captures Missandei, who Cersei executes.
  • Varys gets his ravens out. And we see scenes in different parts of Westeros who are wary of Dany due to her foreigner status and Mad king connection, and want to support Jon. They send in messengers conveying the same. This enrages Dany and further pushes her over the edge following Missandei’s death. She is so pissed she burns half the messengers and sends the others back to tell their lords what happened. Jon and Tyrion are worried by this.

Jamie’s story is obviously different, since Brienne dies, and he came south with their army to keep fighting. He’s in Dany’s good books (relatively speaking). While not actively participating in the fighting, he stays near Tyrion. They hope Cersei will surrender. But on seeing the devastation being caused by Dany, and that she’ll surely kill Cersei, he flips and runs in to save her. Tyrion tries to stop him, but he goes anyway.

The hound and Arya make their way into the red keep. Qyburn comes couple of times to warn Cersei to go to Maegor’s holdfast (same as show). He comes a third time, and say’s she must. Cersei agrees. On their way down, the hound confronts his brother. Cersei asks the mountain to stay by his side, but he doesn’t listen. However, he doesn’t kill Qyburn. Qyburn advises Cersei to let them be, and that they should continue to go down. Clegane bowl happens the same way.

As Cersei goes down with Qyburn, she knows the battle is lost. As with the battle of blackwater, she begs Qyburn to give her poison. She doesn’t want to be captured or killed by dragon fire. Qyburn agrees, and takes her to his chambers.

As they enter, Cersei notices a dead body, face down, lying there. She turns around. Arya removes the face of Qyburn to reveal herself. She explains that Cersei will not get such and easy death. Cersei begs for mercy. Arya kills her slowly and leaves her to die.

Jamie has battled Euron and killed him, and walks in to find Cersei dying. He is fatally injured by Euron as well. They hug, and die together.

Arya runs out and faces similar problems to what she faced on the show, but to a lesser extent. There’s no white horse.

Next, things happen similar to how episode 6 started. Tyrion is locked up only because he defied Dany openly and threw his pin. He convinces Jon that he has the seven kingdom’s support to overthrow Dany.

Jon murders Dany the same way. Drogon melts the throne and flies off with her.

The unsullied capture Jon. But simultaneously, lords from all kingdom’s arrive at King’s Landing to give their support to Jon. Under pressure from them, Grey Worm frees Jon and Tyrion, and Jon is the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Arya travels west.

Lat scene of Game of Thrones.

Drogon is flying east with Dany. Suddenly his eyes turn white. Someone is warging into Drogon. He tries to fight it. His eyes become normal again. But the warging is too strong. He’s unable to overpower it. Drogon struggles. His eyes turn white again. He is forced to fly north. Keep flying north. He tries to resist but isn’t successful.

He flies beyond the wall, and near the wierwood where the children created the first white walker. He’s forced to drop Dany there. Drogon is exhausted from his struggles, and collapses.

Bran WALKS towards Dany’s body. He has blue eyes. She is lifeless. He kisses her lips. (Just like Beric revived Lady Stoneheart in the books), Bran passes his life (or whatever is left of it) to Dany. Bran shatters like a white walker does when killed. Dany’s blue eyes open. The End!

I hope you like it.

Arijit Ghosh.

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