Season 2 Episode 8

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Hey Guys,

Again, I can’t thank you all enough for the work you do keeping us up to date on all the theories and plot of Westworld!

I thought I would get a bit meta. I think Akecheta might have been partially responsible for his own suffering, for helping create his own cornerstone.

What if Akecheta helped create his cornerstone by taking Kohana in an attempt to see the door? The park employees took Kohana the night after Akecheta brought her to the door. If they tracked her because she had an update Akecheta didn’t have, Akecheta might have unknowingly helped to create the suffering he had to endure to become conscious. Remember that Kohana was put in to cold storage right after she was taken by the park. Personally, I think this would be an interesting twist on who creates the cornerstones for the hosts.

Maybe a crazy idea, but I am very hopeful it might be worth a thought on the upcoming podcast. Thank you all again foryour hard work!


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