Season 1 Recap (PodSwap w/ Radio Westworld & Westworld Theorycast)

Season 1 Recap (PodSwap w/ Radio Westworld & Westworld Theorycast)

Westworld Season 1 may be over, but the Shat on TV monkeys never stop producing content! In this episode, Rog, Gene & Big D welcome Axel from Westworld Theorycastand Roberto from Radio Westworld to discuss thoughts and ideas regarding the inauguralseason.

Additionally, the roundtable reviews which plot points they would like answered in Season 2 and whether or not the Westworld fan community is the best in all of TV Land.

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2 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    Real Housewives recaps are popular and the fans love to talk about the drama, on-screen behavior, off-screen reality, and their own reactions to it all. Sort of like you all do with Westworld. It’s kind of a low blow to attack something popular because you can’t relate to it.

    I agree with Roberto on there being a Dolores vs Bernard group and Maeve has an outsider perspective that is more looking at the outisded world and other parks in Westworld.

    • Gene Lyons says:

      It’s not about an ability to relate; it’s about a depth of substance. Reality TV is the cotton candy to HBO dramas’ steak and potatoes.

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