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Hi guys.

I Love love love your podcast. I’ve tried listening to other podcasts in between yours and none measure up to you!!

Please..Please help me out. I need your insight to understand the maze scalp etchings. How could the techs not notice the mazes being etched on the inside of ghost nations heads? Don’t you think that when these guys go in for maintenance wouldn’t QA notice the scalps having wounds or even be flapping around. Is it that they are still alive when they are is this hiding from QA.. I don’t get it. Remember when man in black took the first scalp off (can’t remember his name) and saw the maze, how did he know it would be there? Did Ford leave these mazes to help? What are your thoughts. Probably too late for today’s telegraph podcast but if you can get to it please help. Huge fan keep up the good work, it does not go unnoticed!!

Nicky G. From Miami.

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