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With apologies to Elsie, who I really like as a character. She certainly has lofty, but apparently narrow goals.

I have to say this episode was a break taker, and I think the montage of Maeve touring the inner facility was certainly a high water mark for me. Although I agree with Rog and Big D – someone should have noticed Felix and a well-known host just wandering around up there. I also enjoyed the fact that ‘the Adversary’ didn’t seem to have as many of the deep visual mysteries as the ‘Contrapasso’ and in parts was fairly straightforward. I could just watch and enjoy.

You had mentioned in the Instacast that we see a perplexed Ford. I think more and more we are all seeing that Arnold may have been the real brains behind the whole operation and had a far greater understanding of the hosts. I am starting to believe not only was Arnold the one who was most responsible for creating the hosts, but that he was most against the idea of a corporation and its money coming in and turning their work into a theme park. Ford had a larger view perhaps and knew that they would need the funding to move their work forward. Maybe Ford didn’t intend to kill off Arnold, but something happened. And thus, the truth (and Arnold) were buried and whitewashed. Ford had enough to go on without Arnold, but his knowledge, although powerful, doesn’t go as deep and it’s going to come back and threaten everyone.

Quick takes: My Teddy, how far you’ve come. I won’t kid you on that whole ‘reckoning’ thing again. #MachineGunTeddy

Not to beat on a man when he’s down, but what a spectacular flame out by Sizemore. How many times do you think he wrote a narrative where someone pisses on an adversary? #cleanuponparkmap5

I love how Maeve basically shut down and had to reboot after the truth of her thinking process was literally shown to her. Did anyone else think of the old Star Trek episode, ‘I, Mudd,’ where Kirk and company take down a group of androids by speaking and acting illogically? Just me? Hope someone at Delos binge watched the original series. They’re certainly gonna need some out of the box problem-solving skills when the robot revolution kicks into high gear.

Keep up the amazing work and congrats on the show opener. –Greg #StillTeamArnold

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