Samwell Tarly, A Man Of the Nights Watch

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Hey Guys,

First off, I love the podcast. I’ve been listening on YouTube since West World season 1. I hear you guys reading emails on the podcast. I’m not sure how you guys choose which emails to read but I hope this one makes the cut. If not, I hope at least u guys read it. I feel what I’m about to write needs to be said and heard. I just listened to your 2 reviews of GOT 8.3 “The Long Night”. In both reviews I heard some stuff I disagreed with. Particularly on Samwell Tarly. No biggie. But after reading the comment sections and seeing a general census through out the fandom, I felt the need to write this email. I have to disagree with u guys about Sam. I feel u guys are forming ur opinion based entirely on 2 scenes that lasted a few seconds and completely ignoring every other scene Sam appears in this episode. On top of that, also completely ignoring a story arc that has lasted 8 seasons. The episode starts off showing a close up of Sam’s hands trembling from fear. And the shot follows him as he is handed his weapons and walks to the front line, still terrified, next to edd. Many people are forgetting where Samwell Tarly’s story began. The biggest coward in the 7 kingdoms. So much of a coward that he couldn’t even defend himself when being beaten up in training. Yet here he is. Choosing to fight the dead, on the front lines along side his brothers. That is a huge transformation. Not only that, he absolutely does fight. He kills multiple wights. I counted at least 6 on screen kills. In the scene that edd dies, they first show Sam kill 2 wights back to back. Edd gets taken down from behind and Sam is distracted and screams for edd. In that moment he is taken down by a wight and almost killed. That is when edd saves him. Sam panics for a bit on the ground and edd gets killed from behind after getting Sam to his feet. Though Edds death is due to him helping Sam, in a battle like that one, how many more soldiers died saving one of their buddies? Probably hundreds. Sam is scared shitless and he runs but he keeps fighting. He mans the battlements and keeps fighting. They show him killing wights with the rest of them as they try to breach the walls. He is saved once more on the battlements by sir Jorah, I believe. But every one of the main cast is saved multiple times in this battle. When Jon sees Sam on the ground being attacked by multiple wights, Sam saves himself by stabbing a couple of them while he is laying on his back. My point is, Sam, the biggest coward in the Kingdom fights in the battle for the Dawn. And even though he is terrified, he fights bravely. For only when a man is scared can he truly be brave. He was seen having to be saved twice, same as other fighters. So I really don’t understand why people give him so much shit. I think it was Big D who compared him to the coward in Saving Private Ryan. That guy does nothing the whole movie. Even lets one of his guys die in front of him without helping. Sam is shown fighting thru out the whole battle. So to compare him the coward from that movie blows my mind. Sam stood his ground b4 the first wave of wights attack. Even Knights of the Vale are shown turning around and bolting b4 the attack. If anyone was acting like a coward, it was the hound. Sam had a couple moments of panic where he froze up, but he got up and kept fighting. The hound froze up for minutes. Long minutes while Beric was screaming that they needed him. And still he would not budge. It wasn’t until Beric pointed to Arya that he moved. But even after that, it looks like he hid out with Melisandre in one of winterfells rooms for the rest of the fight. He ends the episode by exiting the same door as Melisandre. Sam the slayer stood his ground. He defended him brothers, his people, his family. Sam Is truly a brother of the nights watch. And a brave one at that. Though he was terrified, he fought bravely nonetheless. From the biggest coward in the kingdom to a man fighting the dead as best as he could in defense of the living. Samwell Tarly deserves better from the people of our kingdom. Thank you guys for the awesome content.

Angel from Anaheim

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