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I’m tumbling further down the rabbit hole.

Endgame scenario, that could necessitate virtually everything in this theory, thus far.

Ford knows exactly what Charlotte is trying to accomplish. Elsie brought up a key point in Season 1. It’s easily missed. I feel that’s because, on it’s surface the scene appears to be gratuitously gross and for the cheap surprise factor. As you’ll see, there’s more. When Elsie blackmails the butcher, for fucking the hosts in the Mesa, she reveals that the hosts, “record all sexual encounters, even in Sleep Mode.” This is key because, while we don’t see it on screen, almost certainly Charlotte and Theresa, eventually come up with the board’s deception and plan to get the IP out of Westworld, in a room with a paused Hector. Who is in the middle of a sexual encounter. Ford knows, when Bernard is done with Hector’s maintenance, “there’s a priority request, for him, from Management.” Ford knows their entire plan. Ford does not want them to succeed. The board will ensure protection, for it’s most valuable IP. They will likely program Abernathy to react in the most violent way, if threatened. Ergo, Ford leaves William, a literal message. How to stop them. To make sure William could stop them, Ford coded the door with his cheat code. William must find the door. The door is on the lab because, William moved it 30 years ago, when the lab was built. William knows this. William will get to the lab and find what he’s looking for is not there. He will find, it’s in Peter Abernathy. Ford knows this. (Nolan is into video games. “Cheating” was mentioned in the most recent episode) The board made Peter Abernathy so bad ass, to protect “everything of value in the park,” William will need God Mode to stop Abernathy. Ford knows this.

It’s definitely, a fluid idea/theory. I absolutely welcome any and all discussion. Now, I’m thinking how it all ends, after William kills Abernathy. I do not yet know, how Maeve fits into it all. Perhaps, she sides with William. But, I’m almost certain this whole thing will end in only one, of a few ways. Either:

1. Dolores kills William. Robots win.
2. William kills Dolores. Humans win!
3. William and Dolores, work it out. Robots and Humans win.

God, I love this shit.

Wes D.
Richmond, VA

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3 Responses

  1. pongplpf says:

    It does in that, Peter does not appear to be as bad ass, I thought they would have made him. He will likely, not be too difficult to stop by himself. But, it will almost certainly be extremely difficult, to get to him. I am probably wrong about William attaining “God mode.” But, the door must have extreme significance. God mode, seemed like a nice way to tie it all together. And, it gave the literalness of Young Robert’s message an out. In this case, the door where the game ends and William begins, could be Ford’s back”door”/cheat code. I can just picture it, you know? Dolores and an entire army of hosts are protecting Peter. But, with God mode active, NPC’s can not harm William. Rendering the whole army useless. So, we’d get a 1 on 1, mano y roboto, (Or, would Dolores be a robota, since she’s female? Spanish is not my strong suit.) fight to the death!

    To be clear, we know the hosts record all sexual encounters. Do we know that hosts are recording at all times? Perhaps they are. Could humans see all of the recordings? We know, Elsie does not need to remove the host’s Nintendo cartridge to blackmail the butcher. This could imply the recordings of sexual encounters are saved to a cloud or somewhere different, from where we see the recording of Dolores killing the Lakota originate, the light bulb. We know humans can plug the IMD into a device and playback video from the host’s perspective. How far back can they go? You, would likely know better than I. Surely, not indefinitely? Perhaps, these are two separate recording systems within the hosts. Dolores claims to remember everything. She almost certainly remembers these specifics you mention, likely flawlessly. But, are there recordings? Could Dolores have over 30 years of video/audio recordings in her head? How many hours of footage is that? Could the amount of data she holds be infinite? I would not think so. But, what do I know?

    The largest change in my, (did I call it a theory? Yup. Shit.) is, I believe a new 4th endgame scenario is the most likely. I believe the final showdown for the fate of humanity, will be Dolores vs. Maeve.

    -Wes D.

  2. Gene Lyons says:

    Great catch on hosts recording at all times! That means Dolores was recording when William was verbally abusing her. And she was recording when Jim Delos first “met” her.

    Did seeing Peter Abernathy on the loose in Season 2 Episode 3 change your theory at all?

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