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Thanks for interest. Forgive long text and I always write from my computer in paragraph form but I’m away from home and on my phone after reading of your interest so I got a little excited. I’m reading Under an Ionized Sky From Chem-trails to Space Fence Lock-down by Elana Freeland. You can catch her interviewed at Sarah Westall’s YouTube channel. The book is a comprehensive overview of what the military industrial intelligence complex has been up to in a range of areas. Chapter 5 A Revolution in Military Affairs, covers all 3 branches of government and the myriad of agencies and labs, defense contractors, forward operating bases, and the microwave/electromagnetic frequency based experiments and operations and weaponization of it it regards to the resurrected star wars tech from the Reagan era. Not just weather manipulation but souped up atmosphere for electronic communications, surveillance satellites, etc

Anyway, I had read on SWS previously and in general the military’s push for control and command operations with ai at the controls. I have a document from a Defense Contractor symposium that provides abstracts for all the talks and presentations, you would not believe the stuff they have cooking in AI run systems that is essentially Cyberdine Systems from Terminator movies for real. Data collection, terrain, full surveillance threat assessment in real time. Which leads me to believe Hollywood has connections to this kind of stuff hence science fiction movies embedded with real world tech already here or concepts approaching fast. For example Total Recall like technology going to market in near future. SWS is a mirror image of our world via simulation. The Promis software is 1 thing Snowden exposed and it was designed to track multiple defenders through multiple databases DOJ, CIA, IRS, etc. Long story short because the guy who owned PROMIS was swindled by government, law suits, all 9 yards but patent theft and stolen intellectual property nothing new (Hillary Clinton was/is a patent lawyer and the firm she worked for in Arkansas was involved in this scheme. Moving forward PROMIS enhanced version was eavesdrop tool like never seen, anything anywhere with backdoor access. All makers and manufacturers, phone company’s, etc through contracts that have non disclosure in them (how government leverages companies). SMART then comes along Special Management Artificial reasoning Tool. Gives agencies all the way up to 5 Eyes, Echelon at FBI, others “breathtaking” surveillance capability. Then DoD contracted Simulex Inc for SWS.

I’ll end with some text from the book mentioned at top. But I must say in was synchronicity at work because although I had touched on SWS before I had forget until last week half way through this book where it is covered. Of course first across my mind is season 3 rehoboam computer on show. If show runners had no clue about SWS, how did the get so close to it in show? Granted we don’t know much yet show wise, but that SWS is going on in the real world is spooky. The corruption in government is so pervasive and deep, you can imagine what predictive tech like SWS can do for simulating and assessing real world elite agendas. According to book they have full faith in SWS outcomes. “Coupled with Senantic Web, SWS became testing environment by which military and intelligence could foresee what adversaries, neutrals, and allies were planning to do and thus prevent, alter, or accommodate their future behaviors…Feed SWS what you plan to do–take over private water wells in California, unleash weather warfare on the poor in New Orleans or Haiti, phase out border between Canada and the U.S., back Israel’s Palestinian policies–and SWS software prophesies the reaction. Crisis management. Simulate a crisis, then either run it in the real world or not as a controlled false flag or real event.” P185.

This might be how Rehoboam is used to predict future or control humanity’s outcomes down to the individual. Control cognitive dissonance and use simulation based data for real world applications.

Thanks. – Vincent C

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    This is so fantastic. I am now obsessed with the idea of SWS.

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