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Dear Gene and Big D,

Thank you so much for the podcast, it really got me through this season. Here one of my re-writes that I think causes the least disruption to the season overall while providing some improvement. Hope you enjoy and it’s not too late:

Season 8 Episode 2 “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” approx.. 53 minutes 37 seconds into the episode.

Jon and Daenerys’ scene in front of Lyanna Starks’ crypt sculpture is cut short, after Daenerys remarks on the disconnect between what she heard of her brother and the accusations leveled against him, Jon is about to speak when the horn sounds and they must depart the crypt.

Season 8 Episode 3 “The Long Night” re-write approx. 57 minutes 47 seconds into episode through 58 minutes 58 seconds removed:

As Daenerys hovers over the Night King, he, instead of just standing there, hoists an ice javelin towards Drogon who has to dive down fly away and circle back.

Cut to 58 minute 58 seconds, scene changes: no remnants of dragon fire on the ground

Instead of slowing down, Jon Snow quickens to a run to close the gap between him and the Night King. NK still raises his arms to bring forth a replenished force, however, Jon reaches NK as the dead are raised and Jon and NK exchange a few sword blows, but Jon is knocked to the ground as the dead swarm closes in on Jon. Daenerys and Drogon are charging back and Daenerys sees the NK standing over Jon with dead crawling onto Jon. With tears in her eyes and despair on her face Daenerys lets out an angry mournful “Dracarys” as Drogon sweeps forward with fire, (close up on NK face with fire reflected in eyes, camera pulls out as scene unfolds) the NK looks up to see the fire plunging towards him and we hear Longclaw slide into the NK as the flames engulf NK, Jon, and the dead (camera to now include Jon). The NK smiles creepily as Jon plunges Longclaw deeper NK bursts into ice/water. (Camera cuts to Daenerys’ shocked face pulling out slightly as Drogon lands; quick camera cut to scene of survivors of battle both known characters and extras seen coming out of ruins and buildings onto ramparts taking in the scene of carnage then back to Daenerys) Daenerys walks towards the still raging dragon fire where NK and Jon were (camera perspective is over Daenerys’ shoulder but stays still as she walks to the fire) a figure/outline is seen walking in the fire in a mirror to Daenerys’ approach to the fire and Jon steps from the flames to embrace Daenerys.

Daenerys: “I don’ are..” (old streaks of tears on her face, mixed expression of joy and wonder)

Jon: (Puts his fingers under her chin lifting her eyes to his) “My name is not Jon Snow (Insert lines from Lyanna Stark Crypt Scene S8E2)(Camera pans out to show survivors, known and unknown, gathering catching pieces of Jon story, seeing the char around him)

While Jon is telling his true lineage Daenerys’ expression changes sharply to disgust and her embrace of Jon turns into a guarded backward walk. She stumbles backward into a seated position looking up at Jon.

Daenerys: “You betrayed me”


Thank you,
Jason Kaplan

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