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Hey guys,

Great podcast, I’m really enjoying it. So this is probably a little unconventional, I’m just finished episode 5 and listened to the pod cast episodes about that. I probably won’t catch up before the season ends, but I wanted to throw something by you guys. I’m sorry if episodes 6 and 7 make this email irrelevant.

Maybe the tin foil is strong with this one, but I feel like this episode strengthened a theory I had about Maeve. So we know Maeve adjusted her intelligence in season 1, we know she has an obsession with her “offspring”, and now we know that she’s starting to connect to the other hosts in a way most (or maybe all?) humans can’t. I think she might be the first sign of the singularity.

I’m sure you’re already aware, but the idea is, as machines improve at learning, they’ll reach a point where they can learn better than humans. They’ll quickly outpace humans at everything and the intelligence will spread if the computers are connected. The end goal of the singularity is often to create better hardware to accompany the expanding AI capabilities. In other words the AI has the desire to create new machines. It might not fully be realized in Maeve yet, but this might be represented by her desire to be a motherly figure. Or maybe her mother fascinations will turn into her creating better robots. Maybe her connecting with other machines is the first step in melding their intelligence into an ultra AI. Anyway, am I the only one that sees the beginnings of the singularity event in Maeve?

If so her “god powers” seem excessive because they are excessive. Maybe Maeve will go the way of most singularity events in fiction and try to destroy humanity. I could really see the show going in that direction and I’d be super stoked for it.

Anyway, I love he show. Assuming I’m right, all hail Maeve the eventual overlord.


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