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Greetings Shat crew –

Your buddy Don Sauce here, contributor of successful write-ins such as the “Joy-Nolan smugness, etc.,” and unsuccessful ones such as losing count of Dolores’ brain balls. My b.

I just wanted to belatedly update two votes:

Best Technology: whatever it was that kept this snooze of a season down to just 8 episodes.

MVP: my fellow fans who contributed some fantastic insights to the telegraph over the season

Seriously, I credit the Shatosphere with helping me to maintain a semblance of normalcy during #quarantime and was bummed when Sunday rolled around and there was no Westworld even though I really don’t care about the show anymore.

Here’s to the lady with the white shoes,
Don Sauce

p.s. um actually… the best use of Radiohead has been the heart-rending, sublime cover of “Motion Picture Soundtrack” that played when Maeve got woke. “Codex” is a good tune too, though.

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