Poor Jon – Why Is There Even A Nw??

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Hi guys

I really enjoy your podcast – it is truly awesome – and much better than any of the Danish ones.
And I would totally watch that season 9 ??

In your deep dive, you mentioned that Jon should have been executed and that his outfit and hair resembled Ned Starks the day he was beheaded, which then again could have foreshadowed Jon”s death.

But when you think about it, Ned Stark was supposed to have been sent to the Wall, everyone agreed upon it.
(In the books Yoren receives a message telling him to wait as one more will join his group)
So Jon, looking like Ned – on what turns out to be his last day on earth, actually gets the “punishment” Ned was supposed to have had.

Makes it somewhat full circle – does it not?

However, I feel so bad for Jon. His watched had ended. He was done.
My only hope is that he actually ditches the Night”s Watch (why do they even exist??) and goes to live with Tormund and the wildlings. And Ghost.

Jon always reminded me of Harry Potter. The supposed hero, who constantly brings himself in dangerous situations and who needs to be saved by his loyal friends over and over again.
Jon ends up being just Jon, just as Harry Potter ends up being just another “ordinary” wizard-dad.

Looking forward to The Small Council and the last episodes.

Take care and all that.

Best regards
Emily Bjørn

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