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Hi guys, Love you but too many thoughts to get into the adulation again… REWATCH the first 8 minutes of S1Ep1!

Teddy is – or WAS human at one point.
He comes in on the train (train number 5, named Black something… He does not grab his chest in the way that he has in subsequent episodes. He chuckles at the guests making typically tourist comments
Delores is talking about “newcomers” as we see him walk through the train to exit – wearing brown hat. Not quite black, but def not white He exits the train and looks around at Sweetwater as if he’s never seen it before – a bit tentative He bumps the guy on the horse, and give him the sideways ok sign – he doesnt shoot him. The Sheriff tries to get in into the Hector storyline, he declines… He goes into the Mariposa looking fresh-faced and calmly excited. Clem approaches him like a guest – YOU’RE NEW…not much of a rind… Maeve makes her entrance and TEDDY SEES DELORES THROUGH THE WINDOW and goes through the whole dropped can deal…. His reaction to her the first time he sees her IS HUMAN! Watch it again! Then you hear B/Arn asking her about her day and she say AS THE CAN FALLS…she speaks about the course of her life changing with one chance encounter… She says, you came back – He says I told you I would.
They ride out to the valley,
She says to him- I forget you dress like a cowboy but that’s just the extent of it… BC HE IS HUMAN! She tells him the Judas steer story and then they are off to the race… The title of the 1st ep is The Original, which we all thought was Delores – BUT IT IS REALLY TEDDY! He is the original guest and may actually some how really be William if W/MIB turns out to be a host.

This is why James Marsden has been so “underutilized” this whole time… His character has been the one that we never questioned, but HOLDs ALL THE ANSWERS!


Sorry for the caps but I am fired up about this!!

Also please consider these other thoughts that I have been collecting before I realized this:

1. The three women get stabbed in the stomach: Maeve, Delores and Sukura – what does that mean? 2. in S1, E10 Delores tell the MIB that a man is coming to save her and kill him (an honest man…) TEDDY! I think this is proof that MIB is dead Teddy’s last name is Flood – and the flood killed the hosts? And ppl. think Bernard has been replaced by Teddy? I think Teddy is the key to this whole series… at least up until now. Teddy’s chivalrous and kind nature MIRRORs Young William’s nature. Go back to S1, E10 – the little girl on the train is LAWRENCE’s DAUGHTER — FORD is still controlling Maeve!

Hey guys. Love the podcast so much and thanks for the three episodes each week. I can’t seem to find anyone IRL that watches this show and I can’t seem to get enough of good, smart commentary like what you provide.

I too was surprised when you mentioned that ratings are down, but I agree with what you said on the Deep Dive about the audience needs to be at least somewhat interested in ideas and bigger picture themes than just sex and violence. That is why I love this show so much and can’t stop thinking about it. I’m not sure why I never watched it when it first came out in 2016, but I happened to start during one of the snowed in weekends we had and could not stop watching. Thank god I didn’t have to wait 18 months for Season 2 because I am slightly obsessed with W/.

Anyway, I was driving home from work today and was listening to yours and another cast I look forward to each week and the word HOST kept jumping out at me. How many times do you think you’ve heard or said that word while watching or recording? Thousands probably. Now that a big theme of duality and characters changing “sides” has emerged, I can’t help but think that word also has its own duality. I don’t think this has come up as a topic, BUT…

In S1, the word host held the – mostly positive – connotation of the following definitions: 1. a person who receives or entertains guests at home or elsewhere; 2. a person, place, company, or the like, that provides services,resources, etc., as for a convention or sporting event In S1, they were there to take care of the guests, see to their every need, cater to them and entertain them. To host the guests.

Now, it’s S2 and the word host has taken on a darker connotation and definition: 1. a living animal or plant from which a parasite obtains nutrition. The “hosts” are now being used as a vessel to keep a person’s conscious mind alive.

Which one is their true reality as a HOST?

And, you can take it one step farther and reference the HOST as the Holy Eucharist as it is in Catholicism: The term Eucharist is also used for the bread and wine when transubstantiated (their substance having been changed), according to Catholic teaching, into the body and blood of Jesus Christ. The HOSTs are being consumed in order to trigger the change into body and blood… This one may be reaching, but still…

Just some driving thoughts for you to ponder…

PS: Roger – were you the Roger Roeper that Gary Dell’Abate gave a shoutout to on the Howard Stern Show last week? If it was, were you, or are you ever on the Wrap Up Show? It sounded like it was you and you were… Love Stern too. I would love it if that were true!

Thanks guys, from a big fan,
Kim in NJ

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