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I need to vent so please indulge my email. I’m a fan of the podcast and would love to hear your feedback.

At this point in the series he show just reduced Missandei, who’s black, to a prop for Dany’s story. Adding insult: Missandei, a former slave, was literally returned to chains in her last moments of life. Sucks. I get GOT is not fair and the show is not written to show justice but come on….

Next, I’ll say this the show I making Dany look lame for helping the North and having nothing to show for it. She spent 7 seasons grinding from the bottom, building the largest army and in 4 episodes lost virtually everything. And viewers wonder why she’s pissed and frustrated. The North shows ZERO love for Dany saving them. Tyrion alone has become the worst “hand” in the history of pthe Seven Kingdoms.

Why are the Wildlings not fighting for Dany and her cause especially after virtually saving the North?

Why are we believing Sansa and her ability to lead? I get that she’s bitter and learned a ton of hard life lessons but all acts of bravery, including saving Jon during the Battle of the Bastards, was engineered by Littlefinger. Again she may not be alive and Winterfell May have fallen if they did not have Dany’s support.

Dany is not crazy, Dany is not the Mad Queen, she has had idiot advisers and if she would have never helped the North she could have already had the Iron Throne.

Another thing that pisses me off is, why the fuck is Bran not using the same abilities he used to see the Night King’s army marching into Winterfell to spy on what’s going on in Kings Landing? He could have know about the preparations being made at Kings Landing and the scorpions.

Also, anyone that supports Sansa and says she’s only concerned about her brother, the North and uses the excuse that she’s doesn’t trust Dany, get the fuck out of here! Dany is and has always been about claiming her spot on the throne and taking out Cercei. She does not care about the North, running the North or how Winterfell is being operated. Winterfell just happened to be ground zero for the battle with the Night King that was it. I don’t understand why Sansa is really even that relevant now that the battle is over. If I’m being truthful, the last two episodes she doesn’t need to be involved, unless she’s a spy. She could be a spy and the reason they knew how to ambush Dany and her fleet when they were going to Dragonstone.

Which Brings me to my final point. How did they know that Dany was going to Dragonstone? Also, am I the only one that realized the spears from the scorpions came out of nowhere. One minute we see a rock next minute we see a spear. If the rock was providing cover and a blind spot for the dragons not to see Euron’s fleet, how could Euron see them? It’s amazing how they seemed to be one step ahead.

At this point, I’m just looking for some answers to all these questions. I respect what you do on the podcast, I would love to hear your reply. Thank you.

Chris in Fresno

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