On the Throne: rewrites

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Hi, Hosts,
Unfortunately, I found your episodes so late in the game but have really enjoyed the final season with you. I did not hate the ending and found that the character arcs did manage to complete themselves. While Cersei had nothing to do this season, which many feel is a waste, but I feel that she had put all this into motion, it was not win or die. There was nothing she could do, all her players were on the board. Jon not on the throne was the small shock but he never wanted to be king.
And the circle was broken, the Starks are now in every corner of their world. Also, the council will run the nations and Bran will just be a figurehead at this point anyway as he’ll probably warg-away when needed most.

What if Greyworm allowed Jon Snow to be killed and they take him up to the Wall to be buried. Because he is already “dead,” he rises up from the ground to become the Night King, or mind/time-bendingly, the original Night King. Since we don’t know this back story and those fairy-folk who are “responsible for creating” the Night King by sending this Night King to the faaaar past to jump-start the history.

OR, what if Drogon does fireball Jon and that causes his transformation to the Night King? Any storyline where Jon dies can work.

I know budget constraints forced the episodes to the meager six but they could have ended the night war with the Night King walking up to Bran and cliffhanging it there and start the next episode with Arya quickly dispatching him.

— @heu

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