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Hey guys.

I have a lot of other theories about what’s been going on in season 2 but since I haven’t heard anyone mention this I thought I would bring it up.

Everyone thinks that just because William told James Delos that Logan overdosed that means that we won’t see him again, except maybe for that flashback in this past episode from 30 years ago.

First, William could have just been lying to James in order to either torture him or corrupt his programming so that he breaks down again. Second, which I don’t get why people aren’t thinking this, Logan could have overdosed only a few years before William and James’s last conversation which was only days before season 1 started. He didn’t say Logan overdosed 20 years ago or when he was young. He just said that he died. So they’re still good chance that we can see Logan as an old man either in makeup or cast as an older actor.

Am I the only one who thinks this could be a possibility? Great work on the podcast. keep it up.


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  1. m says:

    No. You’re not alone in this.

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