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Hi guys,

found your podcast on itunes and it’s a good one, thanks for doing it! Loving the WestWorld TV series, here’s a couple of things that you may or may not have noticed. The obvious nod to South Park” Oh My God, They Killed Teddy” You Bastards! They might even have considered calling him Kenny but have at least gone for something that rhymes. Also I noticed that Ford has a key phrase he says to the robots that seems to switch them into another mode and gives him control over them, something like You will do that won’t you? that I think he’s used on the old robot in episode 1 to get him to zip himself up in his bag, and in episode 2 on the little kid to send him back from the desert to where he was supposed to be. Anyway, looking forward to more episodes and more podcasts, we get WestWorld on Tuesday evening in the UK so the podcast comes out at the perfect time for me.

Cheers! Max

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