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Hello, Fellow USMNT fans and Lords of Shat Kingdom,

First and foremost as much as I banter with you guys on Twitter I need to say that I appreciate all the hours and efforts both of you make in your Podcasts. It takes time, money and dedication for what you do on a daily basis.

Second I owe Gene an apology. Save this forever because it might not happen again, ever. LOL. I accept that I was using character arc inappropriately in the sense of storytelling. I accept that I was wrong and that it was something else that was making me so angry. So I sat back, reflected by watching old episodes and looking at books. I finally determined what it was.

Continuity – “the maintenance of continuous action and self-consistent DETAIL in the various scenes of a movie or broadcast”

The one thing that GoT had in the episodes was a continuity of risk, relations, dialogue, and demises. Although we can forgive some miscues between directors because that’s natural. However, this season had a director that did several episodes and there were so many inconsistencies. Yes, the writers did the story but the director responsible for making it come to life. This did not happen. Below are some examples:

Battle of Winterfell = W
The Bells =B

1. W= Main characters no fear of dying, can have 8 zombies with weapons on top of them and cut way makes them disappear B = Main Characters Small skirmishes result in Death, environment results in death, environment ends in death

2. W= Night King Blizzard, Undying army, Dragon that only breaches a wall (screams at Jon). Couldn’t destroy a single castle B= 1 Dragon takes out a fleet, 50 scorpions, City, Castle, 20, 000 soldiers no problem

I could go on and on but you get the point, I wish D&D had more time to actually fine tune things but they didn’t.

Have a good one

Alan Swanson

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