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Back when Westworld first came out, the creators said that it envisioned 5 seasons. I always wondered why they earmarked that number, as it is semi-irregular when speaking of hit TV shows.

Listening to Ashley talk about intellectual minds gave me an idea: what if the 5 seasons of Westworld were patterned after the 5 Stages of Grief. Just to recap, those stages are: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.

If you look at season 1 as a whole, it totally encapsulates “denial”…the Hosts denying that they are artificial, younger William denying his true nature, etc.

Season 2 continues by representing Anger. The hosts are angry that they were mistreated, and this they start a revolution. Delos is enraged and sends a swat team. Total war.

Stage 3 is Bargaining. In the 1st scene if season 3, Dolores even attempts to bargain with the executive that she ultimately kills…”the information for your life”, which is something that we haven’t seen her do thus far. I believe that this season we will witness hosts and humans both attempt to reach some kind of accord going forward, and we will see the final 2 seasons play out as depression and acceptance (which would ultimately mean total peace for all).

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    I loved this idea so much!! I really wanted to talk about it on the show because I think you are on to something for sure.

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