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Hi guys!

I first have to say that I never email anyone that I don’t know…but I discovered you guys this month and first listened to your Game of Thrones podcast and loved it! I was so sad to realize that season 7 was the only season that you’d done so far. Then I found your True Detective Season 3 podcast and absolutely loved it, too! Once I caught up on that podcast, I moved on to your movie review podcasts, starting with your reviews on Christmas movies and then listening to several more over these past two weeks and I have definitely enjoyed revisiting some old favorites with you.

You guys are amazing – insightful, funny, just all around great!

I’m so excited for the True Detective season finale this Sunday and I find myself equally excited to hear your podcast about it next week! For whatever crazy reason, no one I know is watching the show, so listening to your podcast each week, I feel like I still get to have a conversation (admittedly one sided, your side) about one of the greatest tv shows I’ve ever seen. So, thank you!

I’m looking forward to the premier of the final season of Game of Thrones and can’t wait to listen to your podcasts for the season. Though I will have plenty of family and friends to discuss GoT with, I will still be very eager to hear you guys dissect each episode and I’m hoping it will be in the same 3 podcasts per episode format.

You guys are the best! (And I still say this even though I love A Christmas Story and am one of those who watch it multiple times during the TBSTNT 24 hour marathon, and you guys kind of dissed it in your review).

Thanks for all the fun,

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Thanks for listening! Sorry for taking so long to respond, but what do you think of Season 8 so far?

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