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Hey Gang, love your commentary on Lovecraft Country more than I do Lovecraft Country. My email is about the show’s use of needle drops. For those that don’t know, I mean their use of pre-existing songs not composed for the show.. Lovecraft country writer#1: “So the opening of this scene will be the funeral for Emmitt Till? What song should we play under a scene who’s background is one of the most devastating grotesque crimes in American history.” Lovecraft country writer #2: “Isn’t the answer obvious? The new wave, post disco, dance pop hit Cruel Summer by the British Band Banamarama. Obviously. Because it’s summer and Emmitt Till’s murder was a cruet event. We the writers of Lovecraft Country are truly masters of subtlety and tact.“ If you’re gonna do a needle drop out of time, it has to has either by in line with the themes or tone of the overall piece. Case in point: “Billie Holliday’s somber song about racism from the 1950’s plays 2016’s Birth of a Nation, a somber film about slavery set in the 1800’s”. If you’re gonna have multiple needle drops, they should be similar in tone, theme or genre. I’m sorry but you can’t just have Marylin Manson, Alice Smith, Banamrama, and Cardi B on the same soundtrack, without a creating world that feels like it can accommodate all these tones and textures. It’s doesn’t help that the needle drops sound nothing like the original score. Rather than feeling like a part of the world, I hear them I just go, “ I am currently listening to a Marylin Manson song”. Soundscape is an important part of creating a world, and this shows soundscape (to me) is pure auditory noise. Am I nitpicking here? Is there method to the madness I’m missing? Keep it up the good work, y’all. 🙂 -Chris

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