Ned and Catelyn Stark

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Fantastic Podcast Guys,

I honestly don’t know how you were able to divide and break down a very complicated storyline with great precision and commentary. I’m serious since the show aired I’ve had so many different thoughts if I had to be responsible for producing a high-end podcast it would have flopped many times over. Your deep dive podcast on Season 8 episode 5 is one for the books.

I know you’re getting tons of emails on the mad queen but for entertainment purposes, I would like to go into the direction of the most important couple in the history of Game of Thrones.

Ned and Caitlyn Stark. they single handedly both saved and destroyed the entire Seven Kingdoms. I won’t go over the obvious but consequential role of Ned and Caitly n’s starting the war of the 5 kings but Caitlyn’s decision to not love Jon (heart-wrenching now as we look at how good Jon is as a person). Driving him to serve at the wall which had the butterfly effect of the total destruction of the dead.

Ned’s decision to honorable and not heed Robert’s call to kill Daenerys proved to be the total destruction of the most populated city and capital of the world. Ned’s decision to give mercy to Cersei proved fatal to tens of thousands who died at the Sept of Baelor, High Garden and others. The only thing keeping Ned and Caitlyn from destroying the entire Seven Kingdom’s is Ned being the only one in again THE ENTIRE SEVEN KINGDOMS who can keep a secret. By total luck preserved Jon to where he can possibly reverse every horrible decision they made. In addition, Ned’s ability to nurture is daughters in their skillsets also is proving unique to reversing the effects of living honorably in a society that rewards the opposite.

In retrospect, King Robert was the smartest person on the show with his staunch decision to kill every Targaryen because when you leave just one on the board they have the ability to level entire civilizations. Let’s hope the installation of Honor from a guy who used honor to almost destroy a kingdom can save the Seven Kingdoms.

John Funderburk

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