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Hi all.

I just want to preface this email by saying I liked Season 3 of Westworld. I would say its on par with Season 2. Season 1 for me is the pinnacle of TV for me and neither S2 or 3 come close. S3 does indeed have a lot of plot holes and story line issues and character changes without any real explanation. I totally agree with everyone’s frustrations on most of that.

However, there are times when you guys and other peoples emails mention some frustrations with the show that just aren’t frustrations or everyone’s just looking too deep into it. Case in point is the “your not my son” line from Caleb’s mum that some said lead no where. For flips sake she had dementia! Where do you want that story to go?? You’re looking too hard if your thinking Caleb’s a host from that line. There are so many examples of little things like that, that so many seem to have issues with where I feel they are just nitpicking. And maybe its a testament to how brilliant the show was in S1 where every detail lead somewhere but come on not everything needs to lead to something. That’s just ridiculous. Especially in a season that was pretty explicit from the first episode that it wasn’t going to be a mystery like we had the season before.

Now why they changed genres is a whole different issue altogether and I assume HBO had something to do with that as you all mentioned in the telegraph. Anyway, this has essentially become my venting point at other peoples frustrations at the show.

Love you guys. Cant wait for this weeks shappy hour.

Chaotic Neutral from the UK

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