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Ok guys, first off, big fan here in South Africa!

So here’s my suggestion for the ending. It’s set against the backdrop and history of the Night King, the Crannogmen (with Howland Reed spending a winter on the Isle of Faces and their rumoured shared bloodlines with the Children of the Forest), Bloodraven (Ser Brynden Rivers / Targaryen) who I am convinced lured Bran to his cave via Jojen Reed in order to escape and live on through Bran and then the repeated scenes where we were shown those spiral symbols with no actual pay-off in the show.

So here goes:

We’ve just been shown Jon and the Wildlings head beyond the Wall and into the Haunted Forest. Instead of credits rolling we are taken back South. Bran and Ser/Lady Brienne are on a rowboat crossing what is clearly the God’s Eye. They disembark and she pushes him through the forest on the Isle of Faces to a giant, ancient Weirtree (possibly the one where Reagar and Lyana were married). He tells Brienne to leave him, he’ll call for her when he’s ready. She leaves after short protest, confused but obedient. After a silence, focusing on Bran we see emerging from the woods some Children of the Forest, all congregating around Bran. He looks at them, gives a slight smile and says “It is done” and at that the camera zooms out overhead looking down at the scene and we are left with a shot overhead, revealing the same Spiral formation, with the Weirtree and Bran at the centre. Credits roll.

Thanks guys, hope it’s not too tinfoil but I just thought it would wrap up so many loose ends on the White Walker and Bran stories and be a proper pay-off to all those mysteries. It would also add some final darkness to an otherwise “Happy days are here again” ending.

Peace and love.

Nico Boshoff
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