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Been listening to the podcast for the last 4 weeks and I really enjoy it, keep up the good work.

My theory involves multiple timelines time frames in multiple areas.

First, I have been a believer in William as MiB since episode 2 after someone mentioned the different logos to me. I am almost positive of it now, but here is the twist (tin foil hats ready)….

The Man in Black (or William) has been coming back to the park all these years to recapture the same excitement he had during his first experience that we as viewers are seeing through his adventures with Dolores…

He has noticed the maze and believes that the maze is the key to his immortality and his chance to transcend the gap between human and robot however when he finally finds and completes the maze after all these years he discovers that he was a robot (or manbot) all along and ford has been in control of him and tinkering with him over the years…

Now to my even better theory…..

Bernard was Arnold…I like the Arnold is just Ford’s devil on the shoulder or contingency plan theory that you guys talked about but what if Arnold was real and helped build the original hosts but no one knew what he looked like because he eventually went crazy and created the maze so he could live there with his creations without the corporate greed…but before he did this he implemented his master plan into Dolores…

Think about it. In the initial episodes Bernard has his sessions with Delores in that same creepy basement that he kills Theresa in and in present time Bernard could not even see the door to it…his meetings with Dolores we see in those first few episodes are happening before Bernard was ever invented and he is Arnold in human form during these sessions…

Arnold then goes off the grid into the maze he created and Ford just creates a host in his likeness…

I believe Arnold to still be alive in the maze and that we will see an aged up Jeffrey Wright in a future episode as the real Arnold…

Thanks for your time….


PS…i love the opening to the podcasts

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